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Featured Innovator: Dr. World Nieh Demonstrates Need to Think Small to Achieve Big Ideas in Wood Products Industry

“So CLT is available now. Cellulose nanomaterials are about five years away. In 10 years, new products from the three major polymers of wood. Beyond 10 years, use your imagination. Anything can happen.” – Dr. World Nieh When thinking about … Continue reading

Much Deserved Accolades for Public Works Professionals During the 2017 Public Works Week

Late last month, municipalities all over the country observed Public Works Week, an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and innovations made possible by the men and women in the public works field. Since 1960, The American Public Works Association has … Continue reading

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June, 2017

From Wood Products To "What If?"

What began 60 years ago supplying innovative solutions to the wood products industry has grown to include a diverse range of problem-solving products and services in numerous industries throughout the world.

Today, we are leaders in providing this wide range of high-performance solutions, from coatings, fillers, and adhesives to robotics, parts, and engineering. And companies across the globe continually turn to us first for custom solutions to their specific challenges.

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