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Our focus has always been on solving problems — devising groundbreaking ways to help our customers do things better, faster, easier, more efficiently, and for less money. In the process, we've become a leading innovator, with numerous breakthroughs in products and service over the years that have literally transformed the way industries work, achieve profitability, and serve their customers.

  • 1999
    • WVCO Railroad Division developed the industry's first 100% solid two-component polyurethane plugging material for remediating wood ties. This non-foam solution is as strong as unspiked hardwood ties and outperforms wood plugs, polymeric foam and epoxy foam in both lateral resistance and pullout resistance.
  • Shoe Adhesive
    • In 1972 Shoe GOO was invented for "tennis toe" (caused by dragging your shoe toe during service). The formula remains the same after all these years... not only do tennis players continue to use Shoe GOO, it has become very popular with skateboarders and anyone not wanting to let go of those special shoes in the closet.

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