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Expertise That Spans The World

What began with a focus on solutions for the wood products industry has now spread to numerous other businesses and trades. In fact, adapting successful technologies and innovations for other applications is one of our trademarks. Take a look at how we've helped advance countless industries, including...


Wood Products

We offer some of the most innovative wood products solutions in the industry, including patches, fillers, extenders, coatings, inks, abrasives, tapes, and a wide variety of outstanding application equipment and parts.



Our Railroad Division has revolutionized the industry with such railroad maintenance products as SpikeFast® for plugging spike holes; innovative wood and concrete tie repair materials and application systems; as well as high-performance grout for light rails.



Our groundbreaking FastPatch line of concrete repair solutions from POLYQuik are fast-curing and ultra-tough. Each product is designed with ready-to-use packaging.



One of the foundations of our business, our solutions for wood molding products span paints and primers, fillers, and sealants, to specialty tapes, sand papers, and gloves.



We built our reputation in wood products and today have a wide array of outstanding solutions for flooring products, from patches, fillers, and extenders, to sealants, repellants, coatings, and adhesives.


Automated Systems

Some of today's most flexible, automated turn-key solutions come from our PRE-TEC division, where we build custom and pre-engineered robotics, from multi-axis robot arms and end-of-arm tooling, to conveyance systems, and safety hardware — backed by all the support, training, programming, and maintenance you need.

Potato crop


We are the premier supplier of potato seed treatment bark flours which include Agri-Fil Premium Alder and AgriFil Premium Douglas Fir. These products have had over 20 years of proven success. Nearly all potato seed grown in North America is coated with our product which helps heal and suberize the cut seed and decreases seed treater and planter build-up. This all natural eco-friendly product line is used for organic and conventional potato production. Conventional potato producers may blend it with an active dry fungicide. It is quickly gaining popularity in liquid potato treatment as a follow up to dry the liquid and hold it on the seed piece. All products are manufactured to exacting standards, which are critical to insuring performance in the field.


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